Jewelry crafting enables me to constantly study materials and shapes. It allows me to take a close look at the relationships between the two, the impact they have on one another and the various ways they touch the human body and spirit. In fact, my work focuses on the multi-dimensional relationship between these three elements – material, shape and body.

‘The lowest place on earth’ begins with the concept of ‘earth’, which forms the basis of our existence and the ground out of which life emerges. In a series of objects influenced by motifs from the Dead Sea, I crystallizes representations and memories of a place and landscape, and attempt to create milestones in a personal journey of dialogue between the ground I treads and a world of dreams and spirituality I am trying to climb toward.

The body – our physical essence – is represented in my works by a series of rounded sensual objects to which I call ‘Curves’. Through organic shapes, I conduct a dialogue with movements, organs and shapes found in the female body, examining relationships and meeting points between these objects and the corporeal.

In ‘Point of view’, I created a series of circular objects that integrate wood (ebony) with silver, while aspiring to express spiritual equilibrium. In this series I combine the conceptual essence of the eye as window to the soul with symbolic representations of the perfect circle to express an essence that contains everything and extends to infinity. Here, too, the relations between objects and body are meaningful and are taken into consideration as I create and combine the objects.

In conclusion, in my work I strive to transform the experience of putting on jewelry into an act of expanding one’s consciousness. I wish to create awareness to the countless meeting points we have with materials, shapes and figures and to the way those meetings affect our choices, feelings and sensations.



My collections are inspired by my observations. My imagination is captured by the sensuous curves of a woman’s body, the hidden temptations along winding streets, bold architectural forms, a drop of water on a leaf, flower petals arranged in a precise circle, and even the rhythm of a dance.

Materials fascinate me: hard metals that can be heated to suppleness; wood that can be carved and polished; and crystals and gemstones that reflect and transform light. Each material has its own inner truth for the artist to discover and enhance.

My works are in dialogue with the body. They are intended to enhance the femininity of women, as if they were another organ, another curve.

Like a photographer, I seek the “decisive moment:” that moment when I have captured or created movement in my work, when all the elements and forms combine into a harmonious composition. At the decisive moment, I stop and step back from my creation so that it may live without me.