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Balance series is designed to remind the wearer of the eternal search for balance and create a point of balance in all components of our physical appearance.

The body curves contours convert with minimalistic abstract  into a series of jewelry perfect in amorphous forms. Lights and shadows slide on the surface of objects designed to create an exciting and sensual  visual experience.

An infinite line becomes a maze of lines captivating miniature spaces on the body. Winding metal surfaces play with light wrapping  colored precious  stones like a secret hidden treasure.

Flora Fauna  & inanimate.  A branch strung with autumn leaves  spawned  this series . These jewelries are like a photographic moment, capturing movement suspended in time, or a framed piece of nature. Annealing , stretching ,hammering and bending– the metal folds and captivates memories thus changing form. A plankturns into a bulb, petrified wood or  a golden sun with its tip a moon of diamonds.

A collection inspired by Totem poles of the native North Americans. The handmade beads, cast in silver  and  carved from wood, are strung one on top of the other. Suspended in the middle of the body, this decorative object creates the effect of an intense center-stage presence.