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In ‘Point of view’, I created...

In ‘Point of view’, I created a series of hand-carved circular/spherical objects that integrate wood (ebony) with gold, while aspiring to express spiritual equilibrium. In this series I combine the conceptual essence of the eye as window to the soul with symbolic representations of the perfect circle to express an essence that contains everything and extends to infinity. Here, too, the relations between objects and body are meaningful and are taken into consideration as I create and combine the objects.  
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Beauty is uncovered in simple things

My imagination can be sparked by observing a leaf incrusted with drops of dew, by flower petals arranged as if they are set in a precise circle, by foliage leaves pierced thru and strung together on a wooden stick, that my daughter brought home one day after a walk, and even by the rhythm of a dance. Each expression of nature’s beauty has its inner truth for an artist to discover and enhance in the jewelry pieces. My jewelry pieces create a dialogue with the human body and echo its beautiful curves.
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Glimpse into the artistic process

Located at the roof of my own home, my studio is spacious and bright, and is surrounded by wide windows. Absolutely dreamy! Throughout my 25 years as a jewelry designer I have collected some unique tools and materials, and now they are all conveniently accessible to me. My sketchbook is always open on my desk as well as a notebook to write passing thoughts. Every morning I select the daily playlist to accompany me for the rest of the day. The jewelry making process has its Sisyphean and repetitive parts, and very often it is during those parts of the day that some of my best ideas arise. The dialogue I conduct with materials and shapes constantly leads me to...
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