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Glimpse into the artistic process

Glimpse into the artistic process

Located at the roof of my own home, my studio is spacious and bright, and is surrounded by wide windows. Absolutely dreamy!

Throughout my 25 years as a jewelry designer I have collected some unique tools and materials, and now they are all conveniently accessible to me. My sketchbook is always open on my desk as well as a notebook to write passing thoughts. Every morning I select the daily playlist to accompany me for the rest of the day. The jewelry making process has its Sisyphean and repetitive parts, and very often it is during those parts of the day that some of my best ideas arise. The dialogue I conduct with materials and shapes constantly leads me to new experiments. Another source of inspiration to me are my Yoga and dance classes. Observing the body movement, feeling my body lightens up and connecting to myself fill me up with energy, creativity and new ideas – my collections Curves and Balance are the fruits of those sources of inspiration. All of my jewels are created in my workshop, including those that are carved in wood.





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