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Tangerine Canoe Necklace


The 18k yellow gold frame is elegantly minimalistic to suit this vibrant and clear Rutilated Quartz stone from Brazil.

The stone is transparent, with golden-orange Rutile inclusions that range from thin, sparse, and parallel, to thick, dense, crisscrossed, and everything in-between. Rutilated Quartz is one of the few unique gemstone types sought after because of their inclusions, which make them especially alluring .

The pendant features a one-of-a-kind beautifully-cut Rutilated Quartz , which enhances the skin and is becoming to any skin tone in a special way.

18K Yellow Gold

Weight: 16.5 gr'
Rutilated Quartz
Length/ width of pendant: 40/16 mm'
Length of chain: 54 cm'