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Doing Good



One of the purest expressions of doing good for others is empowering those who need it the most.

Nitsa’s desire to help others and her awareness of the therapeutic power of art have led her to teaching art to the elderly and at-risk youth in an underprivileged neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

She has launched an award-winning high school program for troubled teens named "Pure Expression”. “Metal is a tough-to-tame material; working with it is therapeutically meditative, as you endlessly drill, file, and polish in order to bring to life your vision”, she explains.

“The craft of a Metalsmith is both technical and very creative. It is an alchemy, fueled by the dialogue between artist and metal.”

During this program Nitsa taught her students how to design and manufacture jewelry and decorative metal objects. These works were sold to clients around the globe.

In the last decade, Nitsa has been focusing on another inspiring project. She teaches jewelry design on a weekly basis at the children's Oncology ward of Tel Aviv medical center.

The art works made by the hands of the kids are exhibited in the entrance hall of the medical department. 

This serves as a great source of pride and self-empowerment for the young artists who need it the most.

Nitsa finds great fulfilment in and considers it a privilege to be taking part in giving those children the opportunity of creative self-expression, which helps them believe in themselves, and brings them joy and hope.